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Why do we teach?

As lecturers at the Higher Technical School for Insurance (HFV), Kalaidos Banking and Finance School AG (HFBF), AKAD Business AG (HFW), Academy St. Gallen, SIB and the ibW Higher Technical School Southeast Switzerland, we continuously benefit from the latest findings the areas of advice and implementation of concepts in the insurance and fiduciary sector. Due to our teaching assignments, namely the passing on of know-how to the students of the higher technical schools and federal We are not only interested, but at the same time also obliged to be informed about current events and innovations in the fiduciary and insurance industry.

Our partners, Andreas Graf and Thomas Graf, are active in the following subjects:

The fiduciary industry is dependent on specialist staff. With our work as lecturers and examination experts, we make a contribution to eliminating the shortage of specialists.

Andreas Graf
Head of Trust l Member of the Executive Board

We teach for the following institutions:

Would you also like to continue your education? Find out more about the possibilities from the institutions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the courses we are familiar with. 

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Expert activity

In addition to his work as a lecturer, Andreas Graf works as an expert for the final apprenticeship exams of the new commercial basic education (NKG) for the "Fiduciary/Real Estate" sector. With this expert work, we actively support young people in their training.

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