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Would you like a health insurance that covers your needs and is inexpensive at the same time? In addition to the compulsory basic insurance, a voluntary supplementary insurance covers the individual needs. The benefits in the supplementary insurance are very different and basically include the following coverages:

We would be happy to show you these differences in performance in detail and work out the most optimal offer tailored to your needs, with a very good price-performance ratio.

The ATG is there for you even after the health insurance contract has been concluded and supports you with questions, problems and adjustment requests.

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Independent comparison

Thanks to our independence and the associated large selection of insurers, we can offer the most optimal insurance solution for you personally. 

In this context, we are not only at your side with advice, but also handle the change for you if you wish and support you with any questions after completion. 

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Do you have a question about insurance or would you like to make an appointment with an insurance advisor? Contact us via homepage or contact us by phone.

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