Our comprehensive and personal fiduciary services for companies.

Easy, right, escrow!

For over a decade, we have been a firm and trusted anchor in the stormy ocean of the financial world. ATG has made a name for itself with an impressive experience of more than 10 years and is proud to support a wide range of customer segments with our first-class fiduciary expertise.

Our mission is simple but profound: We offer “Simple, Right, Fiduciary!” – a philosophy that is reflected in everything we do. We understand that financial matters are often perceived as complex and confusing, but we are here to make them clear and understandable. Our fiduciary solutions are not only correct, but also tailored to your specific needs to keep your company on the road to success.

"By working with TOPAL, our customers also benefit from first-class service. Our system meets the highest requirements for digitization and security!"
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Our services at a glance


Service from A to Z

From the idea to completion, for start-ups, bookkeeping, restructuring, succession planning, tax issues and VAT, we offer you first-class service with extensive expertise, also in cross-border transactions, for example as a tax representative.

Personnel administration

Everything for your staff from a single source

We are your contact for your staff. You can get a payroll program from us or you can outsource the administration: From the monthly payroll to the wage declarations to advice on labor law or the creation of employment contracts, you will receive support from us.

Business consulting

Service from A to Z

We're not just an accountant. The constant optimization of processes and structures and digitization, possible cost calculations, business plans or financing inquiries are topics that are important to us as trustees.

Company formation

from CHF 1'299 .--

just start up!

We found your company for you: Whether GmbH or AG, we found your company: Everything from a single source. From CHF 1,299 plus VAT including the necessary notarizations.

VAT advice

or representation of foreign companies.

We specialize in VAT

Do you have your own bookkeeping and a special case of VAT? We advise you comprehensively in matters of VAT, also in cross-border matters. You can also appoint us as a tax representative to the Federal Tax Administration (FTA).

VAT advice

We specialize in advising on VAT issues. We advise our customers on highly complex processes regarding VAT. 

Corporate banking

VAT advice

We advise you on the complex topic of VAT: whether it is about processing a delivery or the entire situation needs to be checked, we are happy to be there for you.


Deliver throughout Europe?

We would be happy to advise you on the basics of VAT within the EU when registering in Germany and calculate the VAT accordingly.

public administration

Verification or integration?

Complex issues arise within financial administration that need to be checked from a VAT perspective. We advise public administrations (municipalities) on VAT-related technical matters: whether, for example, a construction project is pending or an review of the current situation is desired, we are happy to help.


We advise extensively.

We show you when you have to register in which country in Switzerland or the European Union.

We always offer a solution:

Are you looking for a suitable software solution or are you already working with a proven system? With us as your trustee, you receive the greatest flexibility. Since we work with a wide variety of systems, you can easily switch to us without having to make any major changes to your processes. We can offer the following solutions in direct sales:

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We work with the Swiss accounting software from Topal Solutions AG. Thanks to our system, we offer a high degree of digitization. You have the option of using our system and thus creating the bookkeeping independently - everything is directly linked to us. The accounting program can also be supplemented individually according to your needs. 

The price list for system use, starting at CHF 350 per year, can be found in the download center here on our homepage.


As a gold partner and certified trustee of Bexio (, we offer the opportunity to manage the bookkeeping independently: We take care of the VAT accounting and the annual financial statements and concentrate on advice and optimization. 

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Banana accounting system SA offers affordable solutions for small businesses to prepare their own accounting. Excel-based accounting is quick and easy to set up and ready to use
Available for CHF 69/year.

As a partner of Banana, we can check your accounting, adjust it and advise you on all aspects of your accounting. 


As the official digital coach of the Swiss21 platform (AbaNinja and AbaSalary), we advise and support our customers who want to do their accounting independently. With the starter package you have the option of using a free tool to create accounting. 

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Your own software

Are you looking for a flexible trustee who can provide you with advice? Your accounting is done in-house and you “only” want individual services? We would be happy to make you an offer that is tailored to your needs. You can continue to use your software, whether solutions from Abacus, Buspro, Blueoffice, etc., we already work with various customers with a wide variety of software solutions. 

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